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Automatic Broiler Breeding Equipment

  • H-Type automatic meat duck rearing equipment
H-Type automatic meat duck rearing equipment

H-Type automatic meat duck rearing equipment

Equipment Features:
1.Cage frame is made of high-class galvanized sheet of famous manufacture, which maintains a strong corrosion resistance and ensures a high strength with a long service life.
2.Cage net is made of high quality hot-galvanized steel wire, with smooth surface, a strong corrosion resistance, top-class anti-extension and can be used for a long time. The thickness of zinc coating is 275 gram per square meter and the yield strength is bigger than 500MPa.
3.Special-made double-edged spring sliding door has large space and easy to catch ducks.
4.Two-sided material trough made of PVC material provides ducks enough feeds and position to eat. The unique design of reverse slope trough, which effectively saves feed, prevents ducks from throwing feeds out of the trough.
5.Two-sided foot pedal made of PP material not only provides foot support for ducks during eating, but effectively prevents duck manure from felling to the outside of the manure belt.
6.Large enough height between layers guarantees great ventilation effect. Stereoscopic feeding density reaches above 60 ducks per square meter.

Name Parameter Unit
Cage Length 1300 mm
Cage Depth 1100 mm
Cage Height 540 mm
Layers 3
Layer Spacing 700 mm
Ducks per cell group 60
Living area per duck 700 cm2
Nipple type faucet per cage 4